Silent Sunday: Glass of Water

Glass of Water by Coldplay………………………………..Glass of Water lyrics

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10 Responses to Silent Sunday: Glass of Water

  1. jupitercity says:

    *Random Fact: There is more freshwater locked up in the polar caps than in all the lakes and rivers in the world.*

  2. Fladora Felingburg says:

    wow, cuz a glass of water is so amazing (it really is). im really thirsty now, thanks a lot!

  3. 8noodles says:

    I like the song and lyrics. Must download to pod.

  4. Cool! By the way, I like the new header picture. It’s a pretty sunset!

  5. Raymond Yu says:

    Good song. Hey, that looks like a stock photo. Did you take that?

    Have you tried playing Postcards From Far Away on your piano yet?

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