The Weird Wizard

About a week ago I was eating in Pizzeria Uno and I spotted this man in wizard garb.

Random fact:  *Harry Houdini died from peritonitis on the Halloween of 1926.*

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9 Responses to The Weird Wizard

  1. 8noodles says:

    He’s probably getting ready for HP Deathly Hallows Part 2. But it looks like he’s hypnotized the girl behind him.

  2. Fladora Felingburg says:

    omg thts my bestie right there! love tht dragon he got in his arms ❤

  3. Thatgirl says:

    Jupiter, happy you are blogging again.

    You see all sorts in the city these days. Yesterday, I saw Elmo and Mickey Mouse, separately.

  4. Man, this guy is really cool! He looks like a cross between a wizard and a weirdo- oh wait, that’s what the title is…

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